Are We a Match?
The three most important questions in choosing a therapist are:

1)  Does the therapist have sufficient  training and experience?

2)  What kind of person is the therapist?


3)  Do we make a good match?

The last two questions are surprisingly important to the ultimate outcome.  Therapy is not simply a technique to be applied.  It is a relationship deeply influenced by the personal qualities of both patient and therapist.  As a result, if you are choosing a therapist, it is very important to learn "who" your potential therapist is as quickly as possible to see if you make a good match.

My hope is that this web site will allow prospective patients to get a better sense of both who I am and what I do.  If you are looking for a therapist, I invite you to read some essays and take a look at the Voicelessness and Emotional Survival Message Board to see whether we make a match.  If questions remain, I'd be happy to talk to you via phone or e-mail.

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Are We a Match?
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